We are a dynamic duo of filmmaking ninjas.   Our extensive experience in script writing and film production makes us an unstoppable team. With roots in Tel Aviv, New York and Detroit we bring the refined sophistication of the city with the cool underground of the street. Whether crowdfunding, explainer, branded content, corporate or creative, we can be counted on for that added edge for all your video needs.


How We are Priced

The classic: it depends…

We understand start-ups and we want to help you.

We know the importance of video in establishing a new company.  Our filmmaking expertise allows us to combine the heart and soul of start-ups with the slick, individual style of your unique brand. We combine these skills and techniques to bring you a truly unique vision.

Who we Serve:

  •  Established businesses and companies.  From fashion to corporate; web or TV.   We make things look amazing; with the many talented people we work with.  We love working with brands who have large budgets and can respect the creative process.  Who know what it takes to make great things.  These videos are our largest production sized tiers, often coming with the most communication, revisions and post production.
  • New businesses or semi-established (well-funded) startups.   With the proven interest of investors, theses companies can see their product growing and understand the importance in investing in the right video.  You could be a new fashion brand, a restaurant, a tech company or a boutique. We work closely with these clients regarding budgets, to ensure we are able to pay our crew properly, while getting the best production value for our clients within the right dollar amounts. In the end, we have a fantastic video and everyone is happy.
  • Brand new companies, indie developers and startups, we understand where you are coming from.  You may have the vision without the dollars to back it up. These projects can be challenging, though luckily, we are a small core team and are able to accommodate low budgets with high-level production value.  We make these projects punch well outside of their weight class. Whether you are an emerging artist or are developing a new app, we will make your first video look slick.


Our services can be used for:

Landing page
Demo video
Investor Pitch
Advertisement for customers or to display at your store
Crowdfunding videos

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